Eastern Millwork: A Step Above The Crowd

Eastern Millwork: A Step Above The Crowd

Synopsis by:  grace s.

Technology,   Craftsmanship, and Innovation are the main keys of this company for their success.

Those qualities are acquired by Eastern Millwork INC. and have a reputation for high quality complex architectural woodwork projects delivered on schedule.  They have welcomed the most advance manufacturing processes and machinery and recruited personnel and resources from global sources.  Therefore, highest value and quality is assured in every project.

Automation, technology and lean manufacturing have been their strategy. From information management to production and installation they have developed and implemented the most progressive technologies in the field to ensure superiority at every step of the process. They have capitalized European alliances to find the best fabricators and material supplier to facilitate every project because they are aware that every industry now faces the reality that within the global economy, maximum efficiency can only be realized through the integration of resources.

As you can see on the video, they are using veneer wood type for their products and this is the most critical raw material for them. The steps for the most innovative wood working processes at Eastern Millwork in their high caliber woodworking facility: from feed press, go to automatic storage and retrieving system, then CNC machine center to cut, move to dowel shooter, next to beam saw, afterward to edge bander, thru feed post former, once more for CNC machine center, to assembly area, logistics , installation and that’s it, you have now the beautiful, eye-catching and stunning sample product of custom wood and laminated built in cabinets to architectural specifications. As well as their in-house metal working capacity to deliver work that has extensive architectural metal integration.

Eastern Millwork INC. believes that it’s become increasingly important to the success of their industry for all of them is to organize and exchange information. And as the unifying voice of commercial architectural woodworking shops, they do everything to achieve that goal.

Feel free to visit their site or contact them for any inquiries and information. You can also visit their website at www.easterncompanies.com

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