Pavers: Circular Driveway Brick Pavers

Pavers: Circular Driveway Brick Pavers

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pavers new jerseyWe have completed this work with pavers here that’s close to 300 square feet. They name of the color is Sierra, the shape is old town. There are 3 sizes: 6 by 9, 6 by 6 and 4 by 6.

I am here with the owner of company. He is going to describe, what was done here in order to accomplish this work. This is circle drive as you can see here- all the way across. There is circled drive that’s close 300 and there is straight drive here.

We had part of it which was made of concrete and the other one was asphalt. We did a nice base, because it is the most important job. Also important was to take care about landscape also because they have couch that you see. Matching with colors was very nice choice for pavers. I can see the curbs match really nice with Sierra. We had to take care about it because it was in very close to the things that were removed. We have removed asphalt for this big area and it became very nice.

Let’s take a close look to this straight driveway. We are reaching the end of straight driveway and there is a lot space here to park cars. It’s very convenient. Let’s take a look on the rest of circle drive way. We have the entrance way – the curve is very nice installed. Now it is clean. This is the quality of work we will complete for you. If you would like to request free estimate – you can find us in internet or call. Any time you can just give a call and we will be able to answer all the questions and we can come over to do a free estimate for you. In follow up with a written proposals we will sent to you via email in PDF format. And we are in the end of circle driveway as you can it is huge.

You can see the whole project is completed here. Here is the entrance which also completed with paver and we are really proud of this job.

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