Should I Use Rubber Mulch Tree Rings?

Should I Use Rubber Mulch Tree Rings?

video synopsis on rubber mulch by: Cherry A.

rubber mulch NJTree rings made of rubber mulch.  Hey there, welcome to conservastore’s comparison video of rubber mulch mat tree rings vs coco tree rings.  In this video, we’re going to tell you the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed choice for your trees.

Let’s get started.  First off, let’s explain what a tree ring is.  A tree ring’s purpose is to protect your trees from weeds and other things you don’t want near your trees.  They’re circular shaped and set right around the trees.

The diameter of your tree tells you what size of tree ring you will need. If  you have a large tree trunk diameter, you should consider a 48 or 60in tree ring diameter. If you have a small tree trunk, consider smaller options such as 36in, 24in or 20in.  Let’s get on to the pros and cons of each.  The coco mat is thinner than the rubber mulch tree ring and as a result, can be destroyed by animals.  The durability or coco mats is not nearly as long as rubber mulch tree rings but the price is easily the coco mat’s best feature.  They cost about half as much as the rubber mulch tree ring.

They’re also lighter that makes it easier when you need to pick it up and place it around the tree and may help avoid injuries.  The price of the rubber mulch mats can be almost twice as much as the coco mats.  They’re also heavier which is a good thing in many cases, when you’re lifting, it can place a strain on your body.  But, they’re much thicker which means they’re a lot more durable and last a lot longer.

The durability help protect them from animals and lawn mowers and trimmers.  They’re guaranteed to last five years.  So, which do you wanna choose, the coco mat or the rubber mulch tree ring mats?   We recommend you go for the coco mat if you have a very small tree and there’s very little traffic around the tree.  The rubber mulch mat tree ring is better for a longer term strategy as well as places with high source of traffic.

Thanks for watching and check out all of our products including more about rubber mulch tree rings at  Have a great day.  Now, you can decide which to get, the coco tree ring or the rubber mulch tree rings.

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