Tips On Caulking Exterior Trim


by: Nirha M.

Caulking is the most critical part of any paint job. The gaps and the cracks that develop in between the trim and the wall are the worst enemies of your house. Beaus of these cracks and gaps, moisture and pests have an easy access to your home. Due to moisture the paint peels, bubbles, cracks or chalk. This also causes health problems in the home. The best way to prevent these situations is to carefully seal the gaps and cracks with high quality sealant.

Choosing the right kinds of materials is a very important step. Elastomeric caulk is flexible. It sticks on any type of surface and lasts for a long time. The best thing about elastomeric caulk is that it can be cleaned with water.

Now comes the choosing of the right caulking gun. The right choice makes the process of applying caulk very easy. You can use any of the guns from the category of basic gun, professional contractor grade caulking gun, battery powered or pneumatic. Choose the gun according to your requirement.

After getting all the tools ready, check out the areas where you need caulking. The whole house has to be sealed. To leave no space between the two materials, you should apply caulk at all those places where there is a difference where the two materials meet, like brick and wood, wood and glass, wood and metal, etc.

The trick about window caulking is that the top and the sides should be caulked and the bottom and the weep holes are to be left unsealed. Leaving the bottom unsealed will prevent dripping and windblown water from entering the house. It will also let the condensation escape. If you have untrimmed window then it would require a bead of sealant around the entire window. Take the help of tape to have a straight, professional looking bead. Place the tape 1/8” away from the gap. Masking the window will not be necessary for you once you are more experienced with the caulking gun. If u has wooden windows then you will have to seal many gaps as these types of windows usually consists maximum number of pieces. The typical places that you will require to seal are

  • The header i.e. the top trim.
  • The trim.
  • The sill.
  • Glass and wood edge.

The doors need a special attention. The problem occurs at the joints where the door frames meets the threshold. Caulk this area. Also caulk the areas where trim and doorframes meets. Garage doors soak up the moisture from the floor and it results in peeling and dry rot. To prevent this apply caulk on both the sides of the bottom of the trim.

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