Types of Basement Entry Doors

Types of Basement Entry Doors

by Julienne Cabildo

Basements and cellars have become an important part of the house. It has served a lot of purpose especially when it comes to storage. Junk appliances, furniture and fixtures, books, toys, unused cables and tubes are just some of the things being stored in basements. Being assured that the basement is made up of top quality materials is very much important. Basements also serve as a place where people can stay when the whether conditions outside worsen. It should be constructed with a well-designed plan and implemented accurately. With the basement, comes with its entry doors. No matter what material will be chosen, it is essential to use an entry access to the basement.

Basement doors, also known as cellar doors must also complement the architectural design of your house. The appropriate type of material must jive the style of the house. One thing to be considered in selecting what type of basement door will be used is the location of the opening of the door per se. Some houses have the interior accessibility which doesn’t need much complicated material. Others have the accessibility outside which require delicate materials because of varied weather conditions. The basement must also be secured from the outside and it must not require regular maintenance. Types of cellars vary from which it can apply to your house.

Here are some of the types of basement entry doors:

Sloped Wall

Sloped wall basement entry doors are perfect for basements built in a sloped wall on the foundation of the house. The cellar can be constructed on the walls of houses with brick, stone, block and concrete materials. The basement entry cellar door can appear a flat piece of metal with slanted frames on it and doors built in them. This type of basement entry cellar door is a very ideal in exterior because it gives light and ventilation.

Steel Sided

With this kind of basement entry doors, tools, equipment, furniture and other  materials can go in and out the basement without causing much traffic. This is because of the direct access of the home owner. The steel sided design has the structure on which the stair case does not rise above the ground. The basement door has the steps which can lead above the walls of the house.


Pre-hung basement entry cellar doors are perfect for interior entrance. It can be painted in any color that matches your taste and style that you prefer.

Basements are still considered as a part of the house. Sometimes often neglected, it also reflects your organization and orderliness when you keep each part of the house the importance it needed. Basements and cellars do not only function as storage of the disregarded equipment and other things but basements has also significance which we might never know.

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